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 An Introduction to Pure dog Listening .
PURE Dog Listening is not a training method, but a unique way of communicating with your dog. PURE Dog Listeners seek to establish leadership of the dog in a kind manner, respectful of its nature and instincts. It is not a way of dominating your dog or turning it into a robot. Pure and simply it is a way to show your dog that you are the decision maker and it can sit back and relax knowing that all the important decisions regarding danger, safety and food are taken by you. The primary principal underpinning PURE Dog Listening is to allow the dog to gather information given in a language it understands and allow the dog to draw conclusions of its own free will.

Paula Doohan a member of PURE Dog Listeners is a passionate advocate for the welfare of dogs and  is committed to teaching owners the method.  I teach owners natural canine communication, as the dogs understand it. I give back-up after consultations to give support and advice there on in after to keep you inspired and empower  you to make it happen for you and your dog. Change the undesirable behaviour in your dog. Show it what is expected from it. Dogs cannot talk, so lets not confuse them by being human and expecting them to understand every word that comes out of our mouths. Tap into your dogs natural communication skills and you will find a dog you never knew existed.