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buying a new puppy

The first thing to be very aware of when purchasing a new puppy is Don’t get ripped off !!Please don’t fall into the designer dog trap. A “designer dog/pup” is just a cross breed ,simply a mongrel or as I like to call them multipedigrees , Any dog pound or rescue shelter is full of these cross breeds looking for good homes  , and please try not to buy them from free adds papers where they are anything up to 400 euro !!! The purchase of a wonderful little puppy can be a fantastic experience. A dog can be your closest friend, a real pal. But, an unscrupulous breeder, looking to take advantage of you, can turn your naïveté  into a disaster. All puppies are cute! Ugly dogs were cute as puppies. Ill-bred dogs were cute as puppies. Unhealthy dogs were cute as puppies. Puppies that don't remotely conform to breed standards (Designer dogs) were cute as puppies. If you buy a puppy based on how cute, or cuddly, or playful it is, you stand a good chance of ending up with a puppy that grows into a dog you are very unhappy with. Or worse, it could grow into a dog with health problems that will cost you a small fortune in money and tremendous heartache. The warning signs when you are about to buy the wrong pup or dog begins when they the breeders will arrange to meet you somewhere , car park, side of the road , half way  etc !!! A reputable breeder will want to meet you first and then decide if you are a fit puppy owner. A reputable breeder will want you to sign a contract and will accept the puppy back if things go wrong! Before you decide to purchase the pup/dog pre arrange with the breeder that a contract be signed for a vet check after you buy the puppy and a full refund is given if your vet finds health problems. All too often I call out to owners with pups /dogs with issues and I hear “But I have pedigree papers “I look at the pedigree papers and the same breeding lines are popping up all the time ……….Papers don’t mean a thing these days – There are far too many back yard breeders  and far too many unscrupulous breeders in this county at the minute .This is why our pound and rescues are overflowing with unwanted dogs. The Dog pound is a facility for the people of Donegal to get rid of their unwanted dogs and pups it is not a rehoming centre ! It’s a service provided by Donegal county council to deal with pets that are surplus to requirements . The pound do a great job in letting rescues take dogs out after their 5 days , but the problem lies within the county itself . If people stopped buying from these so called  breeders  they would go out of business totally .  If any one wants to contact me for info regarding dog breeds etc , I will put them on the right road !!! Paula Doohan,

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4 Tips For Writing A Powerful Draft

Do you think writing an assignment perfectly at one go is possible? Well, realistically, it isn't. Students often as questions like, "Can you rewrite this for me?" as they are unable to form a powerful draft. They lack the talent of putting their thoughts into words. There is no hard and fast rule of writing a draft. All you need to do is uncover the flesh of your plot one by one. If you also find it challenging to brainstorm ideas and frame your first powerful draft, here are some tips that can help. Also, Read - MULTISIM assignment

Set A Schedule

When you are trying to draft an essay, it is crucial to stay disciplined. Staring at blank pages for hours can be daunting, and this is why you should set a schedule for yourself. Set aside a limited writing time for yourself. Additionally, select a quiet, distraction-free place for your sessions.  While you are trying to pen down your thoughts, it is essential to stay away from distractions. Free your brain from all worldly thoughts and focus on brainstorming ideas. Also read - essay writer

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Writing isn't always an easy job. But never rush to put down your papers. Instead, follow these drafting steps to form a convincing final paper. These steps will save your time and your regret for submitting a lousy paper.

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State the factors affecting the performance of small and medium-sized enterprises in the culture industry and UK fashion. Fashion Dissertation Topics Analyse iconic women entrepreneurs in the fashion industry Developing a viable business plan for a fashion board Social media marketing.
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Alley John on Wednesday 4 August 2021 13:22

Students need to learn about different aspects of financial management, and one of them is the functions. Most students learn about different sections but avoid going into the depth of the subject because they find it difficult to understand and due to lack of time. However, it is crucial to understand financial management functions and, if necessary, take financial project management assignment help online. It is better to have a helping hand if one is struggling to get a clear picture of what needs to be done. If you do not understand, it becomes challenging to prepare an assignment on that subject, so it better to understand the functions of a financial manager even if you do not want to get into details. Also read - cheap assignment help australia

  1. Financial planning and forecasting

Students can consider it as a function of a financial manager. It is their responsibility to make plans and estimate the financial needs and work accordingly. The function provides information about the amount of money needed to buy different assets important for the company. The management works through the financial manager and collects information about how much they need to spend on working capital and fixed assets. A financial manager makes futuristic plans about the funds that the company would need. The manager shows also needs to know how to get the funds, and it is in what way. Also read - essay writing service

  1. Determination of capital composition

Once the first function of planning and forecasting is done, you need to decide on the capital structure. Suppose students want to understand the structure of capital. In that case, they must know that it is a mix of debt and equity that determines the future opportunities to have profitable investments. Also read - cdr report for electronics engineer

  1. Fund investment

A financial manager must decide if there are funds available for the business to expand and grow sufficiently. Before the funds are acquired, the cost and returns need to be compared and balanced. A financial manager also needs to check the mediums through which the company can get higher returns and improve them. Also read - paper writing service

  1. Maintain a proper liquidity

Cash is the best option to maintain liquidity. Every business needs to buy raw materials pay salaries, and tackle other financial needs of the company. Also read - pay for essay

Moreover, the financial manager must establish the demands for liquid assets. The role of a financial manager in this aspect is to ensure that the company does not face any scarcity of funds by appropriately arranging the assets. Also -read - essay writer

  1. Disposal of surplus 

A financial manager must ensure that excess or surplus assets are invested in more productive ways that can increase the company's profit. Also read - Cheap Essay Writer

The above discussed points can help you understand the different functions of a financial manager. Also read - How to write a thesis statement

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