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Rescue Dogs and their behaviour
Some dogs have been mistreated, at best they have just been confused. Some have had many homes, some may be only one. In all cases they have been abandoned for whatever reason. Many of these dogs were bought as fluffy little bundles of fun at about 8 weeks of age. As it matures, it is now requiring more food, more exercise and more of the owners' time. It also may have presented with behavioural problems that are unacceptable to their owners who find the problem unsortable.
Rehoming these problem dogs is not easy, people perceive older dogs to be untrainable but this is not the case. Using the  Pure Dog Listening method you can teach an 'old dog' new tricks'.
So bear in mind if you take on a rescue dog, it is going to need more time to gain that trust. Don't focus on its past, and make allowances for nervousness by being compassionate and calm.
If there are aggression problems, as a Pure Dog Listener  says "you can't take the bite out of the dog, but you can take away the reason why." So the dog is shown that behaviour is unnecessary.
All deserve to be understood. Whenever I'm called to see such a dog with behavioural problems, a line is drawn on that day, what is past is past (with the best will in the world we will never know what some rescue dogs have been through). Look to the future,  I'll work with you to help you show your new friend that he is safe and secure in his new home. A feeling that all canines deserve and which we should provide.

Alaskan Malamute in dog listener care
Meet the" Rock"

"This lad is with me for 2 years now, his issues have been ironed out , not a minutes bother with him now , it took him a few weeks to suss out he just should not throw his weight about .!!!"If you have a secure garden could you give this big fella a home ...

alaskan malamute fostered by Paula Doohan

"She has been with us for a while, she would love a quiet home with older children and no other dogs or cats .......she just loves her cuddles and will go into diva mode if you let her ......a secure garden is a must ."

**** rehomed *****

alaskan malamute under dog listener care
"This big lad deserves the best home ever, again must have a secure garden, a quiet house and a comfy bed is all he needs " can you picture him in your kitchen all curled up not a care in the world ..."

** Booked  pending home check ***

siberian x in a dog listeners home as a foster


"He is a friendly loving boy who seems to have been well trained and gets on with adults and children but just a bit pushy with other dogs.He gets a bit excitable at times but all in he is a great dog , again secure garden and soft bed inside is a must . can you see him on your hearth rug on a winters night "

***rehomed ***

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