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                      Paula Doohan  . Pure dog listener!

Dog training is available in Donegal,

When you call  Paula Doohan for assistance it is important that the process is made as stress free as possible for both you and your dog. With this in mind the consultation will always take place in the family home, a place where both dog and owner are comfortable and show normal behaviours and the Dog Listener can see what is really happening. As many family members or others who regularly interact with the dog as possible should be present at the consultation so that the fullest picture can be obtained.
The Dog Listener will talk you through all your areas of concern and very probably pick up on other problems you hadn’t seen developing. They will then give you all the information that you need, the tools to get your dog to modify their behaviour of their own free will. No stress, no shouting, no violence. Happy owner, happy dog.A consultation will last a minimum of two hours, often much more. The price stays the same. Paula will stay with you until you are happy that you understand how you are going to implement the method that you have been taught. In every case once you have had your consultation you will have free back-up by phone or email for the rest of your dogs life.

Common problems are.

*Pulling on the lead
*Persistent barking
*Jumping up
*Fear of noise
*Fussy eating

Problems such as
 aggression and biting will be  given full priority

Scirocco the stress free happy siberian who knows what dog listening is all about

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